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Floorpunch Nazi Beatdown Story // Originally posted on Livewire

Account from Bill Punch of Floorpunch:

The show was at CC’s in PA…it was 108, FP….anywho during our set a couple of knuckle heads were causing some trouble pushing around the mcyc kids..well after we got done playing and 108 went on the real shit went down, first Zev pops this thug dude in the face (nice shot splits his eye open with one shot) then I drop some other guy (kick to the stomach) Hornacker who was in 108 at the time jumps off stage and starts to kick the shit out of the guy Zev hit, this guy goes down only to get stomped and I mean stomped by the nj crew! Zusi is hitting him in the face with a roll of nickels, this guy gets up runs into the back of the club and gets a pool que, breaks the que over Rob Fish’s arm…then all hell breaks out Vic 108 is on stage putting a pool ball in his sock, Scott Davis is trying to steal some girls distro of bad cd’s (hahahaha) Hornacker, Zusi, Porter and I think a few other guys hit this guy with chairs…heavy oak ones! this guy got beat from the stage back into the back room…from what I recall he said he was ready to Die ( and I believe him!) both sides of his face were blooded up, side note I give this guy MAD PROPS! he took a hell of a beating and was still ready to go! where were the mcyc kids? exit stage left they ran out! Along with the guy who was getting beat en’s crew, cops came and from what I hear he was taking shots at the cops…. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop thinking about this fight this morning….

Account by Matt:

Some Nazi’s showed up to the Cocadrie, if I remember correctly, the bill was Floorpunch, Gyromite (Azy and Jesse would later go on to do Panic, AN, etc), and I think two other local Nor Cal bands…anyway Porter grabs some dude around the neck with the mic cord and my friend busts this Nazi right in the face with like a pipe from his van. That show was insane. Those Nazis were pretty big dudes too, they got swarmed by just about everyone in the building…if you check out Lost Cauze Fanzine #8 (or #9?) there was pics from the show. Insanity.


Bernard Picart, Lingam [De Bry’s Grand Voyages]; circa 1590.

Ixora (Ishvara) or Shiva, and his Son; Quenevadi (Ganapati), (The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World), c.1722.

(Source: columbia.edu)


| Brujeria - Revolución

Del álbum: Raza Odiada | 1995

Enlace: http://youtu.be/4iOZVj1jgm8 

-Si no por ti, por tus hijos -



The Melvins released their major-label debut Houdini, 20 years ago today.

Pictured above: The Melvins with engineer Jonathan Burnside (second from left) and Kurt Cobain, during the Houdini sessions. Cobain is credited as a producer on the album. 


Fumiko Kaneko (金子 文子 Kaneko Fumiko?, January 25, 1903 – July 23, 1926) was a Japanese anarchist and nihilist. She was convicted of plotting to assassinate members of the Japanese Imperial family.

In her testimony at her trial, she explained that she and Pak “thought of throwing a bomb [at the emperor] to show he too will die like any other human being,” and rejected “the concepts of loyalty to the emperor and love of nation” as “simply rhetorical notions that are being manipulated by the tiny group of privileged classes to fulfill their own greed and interests." Initially, this rejection of the emperor system may have led her to believe in an alternative political system, but after seeing the way members of other groups behaved, she came to believe that any leader, whether the emperor, or other government officials, or a completely new government under socialists, would equally abuse power dynamics and oppress the people. For her, “[revolution] simply means replacing one authority with another,” and since she believed that no system of authority could or would operate without oppression, it is logical that she eventually directed her activities towards abolishing all authority.Though she believed, in line with nihilistic thought, that it was not possible to cure the evils in the world, her actions as an anarchist reflect her belief that “even if we cannot embrace any social ideals, every one of us can find some task that is truly meaningful to us. It does not matter whether our activities produce meaningful results or not… this would enable us to bring out lives immediately in to harmony with our existence.”

She committed suicide in her prison cell.

Kanno Sugako (Japanese: 管野 須賀子), also called Suga (1881–1911), was an anarcho-feminist Japanese journalist by profession. She was the author of a series of articles about gender oppression, and a defender of freedom and equal rights for men and women.

In 1910, she was accused of treason by the Japanese government for her alleged involvement in what became known as the Kotoku incident, aimed at the assassination of Emperor Meiji. She was the first woman with the status of political prisoner to be executed in the history of modern Japan.

Noe Itō (伊藤 野枝 Itō Noe?, January 21, 1895 – September 16, 1923) was a Japanese anarchist, social critic, author and feminist.

Itō graduated from Ueno Girls’ High School in March 1912, and joined the Bluestocking Society (青鞜社 Seitō-sha), producer of the feminist arts and culture magazine Seitō (青鞜) in 1915; she contributed until 1916. In her last year as editor-in-chief she practiced an inclusive attitude towards content; she “opened the pages to extended discussions of abortion, prostitution, and motherhood”. Itō wrote social criticism and novels, and translated writings of Emma Goldman (The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation, etc.).

On September 16, 1923, in the chaos immediately following the Great Kantō earthquake, according to writer and activist Harumi Setouchi, Itō, Ōsugi, and his 6 year old nephew were arrested, beaten to death and thrown into an abandoned well by a squad of military police. Noe Itō was 28 years old.

The killing of such high profile anarchists, along with a young child, became known as the Amakasu Incident, and sparked surprise and anger throughout Japan


Istanbul revolting tonight against the new internet censorship bill, which passed through the parliament this week.

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I don’t mind the sun sometimes
The images it shows.
I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes.